CTS-AI has been merged with Samurai XDR and is no longer supported.

Cyber Threat Sensor AI (CTS-AI) Overview Video

Cyber Threat Sensor AI (CTS-AI) Threat Detection and Response app now available.

Now-a-days we are all digitally connected.

The current rate of innovation and the availability of information have democratized the access to empowering technology. This has fueled enterprises and brought new opportunities.

This accessibility however has opened the window of threat.

Enterprises of all sizes are now more than ever vulnerable.

Tackling cybersecurity can feel challenging; budgeting, staffing and managing infrastructure can be overwhelming, especially when security is not your core business.

Time is not on your side, a ransomware attack for instance could have devastating consequences, – loss of data, server downtime and exposure, and brand damage are time critical, detection alone is also no longer enough - response time is critical.

Cyber Threat Sensor-AI is a virtual game changer that responds to threats automatically.

We have taken the complexity out of the equation, taking over the management, configuration and 24/7 monitoring, so you don’t have to.

Our app is designed with convenience and ease of use in mind; monitoring threats and keeping you secure, right from your pocket.

CTS-AI brings you the power and accuracy of Artificial Intelligence, Network Detection and Response sensors, all of which is backed by the might of NTT, with a truly global presence and expert human analytics.

Once subscribed you will be taken through a few simple steps to get you started, delivering value in minutes!

CTS-AI will scale up, or down as you need it.

You can rely on the accuracy and precision, prioritized security incident reports, automated response set up’s and notifications with detailed reporting – all details are personalized to your exact environment.

Security shouldn’t be something that restricts, limits or causes stress.

Let CTS-AI work for you, so you can keep building, keep being inspired, keep growing, knowing you are safe!

CTS-AI has been merged with Samurai XDR and is no longer supported.