CTS-AI has been merged with Samurai XDR and is no longer supported.

Cyber Threat Sensor AI (CTS-AI) – Getting Started

Cyber Threat Sensor AI (CTS-AI) Threat Detection and Response app now available.

This video will show you how simple it is to get you started with CTS-AI allowing you to activate our 24/7 threat detection and response and response in just a few minutes. Topics include subscribing through the AWS Marketplace, enrolling your devices, registering your organization and users and personalizing CTS-AI with your preferences.

Welcome to Cyber Threat Sensor-AI.

We have taken the complexity out of the equation for you. With these easy set-up steps, you will see how CTS-AI is a virtual game changer.

After subscribing to CTS-AI through the marketplace, you can register your organization via the appliance’s registration link and set up your details.

Upon signing up your organization, you can add one or more devices to it, which will be up and running within a few moments after the enrollment.

Once a device enrolment has been completed you will see the device with an “online” status.

Additionally, you need to tag your assets in your cloud environment before they’re properly monitored. You can refer to our tutorials specific to sign up and enrolment for a full step by step guide.

To invite a member of your organization, it is as simple as including their email within the invite member section, and a link with all details for that member to join will be sent directly to them.

On the dashboard, you will see an overview of your enrolled devices, analyzed events and detected threats. Clicking through any of these will get you to additional and more detailed information.

You can select your notification methods between email, mobile, web or any combination that you would prefer.

It is that simple.

Let CTS-AI work for you, so you can keep building, keep being inspired, keep growing, knowing you are safe!

CTS-AI has been merged with Samurai XDR and is no longer supported.