CTS-AI has been merged with Samurai XDR and is no longer supported.

CTS-AI Device Enrollment and Configuration

The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to enroll and configure your devices

  • You can access the CTS-AI via the browser here, or download the Android or iOS versions
  • Open your CTS-AI app and sign in
sign in to CTS AI
  • Navigate to the devices screen and click on the plus sign on the top right
click the plus sign to add a new device
  • Here, you must paste the init key and choose a device name, then click 'enroll'
paste in your init key and choose a device name
  • After enrolling, return to AWS and find the relevant EC2 Nitro instance(s) and click on the Tags tab, and then click on 'Manage tags'
Find the relevant nitro instance and manage it's tags
  • On this screen you must add the following tag:
    • Key: ntt::cts:instance::tag
    • Value: true
  • Click on 'Save' and the instance will be monitored within 60 minutes.
update the key value pair
  • On the CTS-AI app, go to devices to confirm the enrollment was successful.
  • If you want to enable Active Response (automatic blocking of malicious hosts), you need to assign the CTS managed ACL to one or more networks. Navigate to VPC / Network ACLs, check 'CTS Active Response' and click on the tab 'Subnet associations'. Click on 'Edit subnet associations'
edit subnet associations
  • Now, select one or more networks you want to protect and click on 'Save changes'
edit subnet associations
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CTS-AI has been merged with Samurai XDR and is no longer supported.